The Italian Renaissance (1420-1600) – Fashions Influential Era

In the arts and sciences as well as society and government, Italy was the major catalyst for progress during the Renaissance: the rich period of development that occurred in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. Because of the number of different fields in which it applied, “Renaissance” is a word with many layers of meaning. Accordingly, Renaissance painting cannot signify any one common or clearly definable style. As Gothic painting had been shaped by the feudal societies of the Middle Ages, with its roots in the Romanesque and Byzantine traditions, Renaissance art was born out of a new, rapidly evolving civilization. It marked the point of departure from the medieval to the modern world and, as such, laid the foundations for modern Western values and society.

  • The Early Renaissance
  • The High Renaissance

The Renaissance in Italy started gradually, its beginnings being apparent even in Giotto’s work, a century before Masaccio was active. The quest for scientific precision and greater realism culminated in the superb balance of harmony of Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo. The influence of Humanism is reflected in the increase of secular subjects. In the final phase of the Renaissance, Mannerism became the dominant style.

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How London Fashion Week Became Relevant: Caroline Rush

Though London, and Britain as a whole was always heralded as a fashionably savvy market, designers, media, and influencers began to really catch on in waves, once Caroline Rush, the now Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council, revamped the organization, attracting key, world renowned brands.


Having a vision of positioning the London Shows as a a must, among the elites such as New York, Paris, and Milan, Caroline’s experience in marketing and communications successfully allowed her catapult London Fashion Week into a relevant, and attractive event. Having new found popularity among0 fashion industry insiders, British designers were raved the world on over by the fashion media, and continue  to inspire all levels of style from street fashion, right up to haute couture.

Thanks To Caroline Rush, British fashion has a marked say in trends, media, and the overall landscape that shapes fashion today as we know it. The London fashion week has brought premier British style to the forefront and has even influenced other market’s fashion trends from Hong Kong, to New York. Caroline Rush is the reaosn, why the London Shows are as important as they are, indeed.

As chief executive of the British Fashion Council, Caroline Rush is credited with changing the London shows into an important event and was appointed Commander Of The  Order Of The British Empire in 2015, even more validating her contributions to Britain as  whole

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5 Jaw Dropping Designer Blazers For Men Who Demand Success

Success sure comes with it’s perks, and the secret has definitely been let out the bag of how to easy it is to actually nab it. Fashionable designer blazers that are perfectly tailored with superior craftsmanship are an absolute yes. The fashion pact settles for nothing less than superb style, and quality, and those are the exact things that the successful guy must demand, every single day. The truth is, it’s been known for centuries that a major way to hack your way to success is to keep an awesome look. This means blazer designs and apparel in general that’s quality, elegant, and allows you to stand out. The successful guy is somewhat dedicated the office, interested in travel, and isn’t afraid of responsibility. Of course this does not mean that the “cool fashionista” aspect of his personality has to disappear. Not even the slightest, in fact. Jar dropping blazers are the styles that are changing mens fashion for the better, and are what draws the upscale, competent guys who adore style, and a successful lifestyle, and who are well versed in travel, tech, and his career. Here are 5 jaw dropping designer blazers and how you can wear them to get an unshakably awesome look.

Awesome Casual British Gradient Digital Printing Cool Mens Blazer at BetterBlazers Blazers For Men

betterblazers mens blazer How You Can Wear This Awesome Style:

Printed blazers with gradients aren’t exactly something onheard of. But printed designer blazers that have a bold, yet, eye catching look, but somehow neatly fits into any office environment is bound to be on the shopping lists of fashionable men. You can wear this cool gradient style with dark brown or black loafer shoes, complemented with neat black dress pants. Throw on a white dress shirt without a tie, unbuttoned at the first button, for a cool, and professional office look that’ll have you seen as the most successful guy around. This blazer for men is available at BetterBlazers.


Abstract Black White Artistic Mens Designer Blazer at BetterBlazers Blazers For Men

betterblazers-Abstract-Black-White-Artistic-Mens-Designer-Blazer-1How You Can Wear This Awesome Style:

When it comes to menswear, anything that can boast an artistic look is bound to become a popular, sought after essential. Luxury artisan skills and truly tailored blazers with exceptional craftsmanship is what makes this blazer a steal. The key with this style is to complement the look with neutral colors. Perhaps a tan or grey inside t-shirt, and dark grey pants for a business causal look. Complete this stylish business causal look with plain white sneakers or casual dress shoes. This artistic blazer for men is available at BetterBlazers.

Luxury Fur Charmed Black Plaid Artistic Mens Blazer at BetterBlazers Blazers For Men

betterblazers-Luxury-Fur-Charmed-Black-Plaid-Artistic-Mens-Blazer-1How You Can Wear This Awesome Style:

Any blazer that somehow manages to become manufactured with fur and plaid is surely one that is a stunning must have. Gentlemen aren’t saying yes to styles that are just more of the same, but to styles that sets him apart. Awesome fashion for men can be said to be on a renaissance, and if anythings for fact, this blazer shows that the best! Wear this fashionable blazer with dark color jeans and tennis shoes or dress shoes depending on where you’re headed. Perk up the look even more  with sophistication by adding accessorizes such as a wrist watch. This designer blazer is available at BetterBlazers.


Enchanted Tiger Fashionable Mens Creative Blazer at BetterBlazers Blazers For Men

betterblazers-Enchanted-Tiger-Fashionable-Mens-Creative-Blazer-1How You Can Wear This Awesome Style:

Tigers have always been associated with mysticism, and quite frankly, charm. It would make all the sense that a fashionably conscious gent would rave over a designer blazer with tigers, artwork, and quality, all in the same item. Sophistication at its best. Wear this tiger designer blazer style with a white t-shirt or dress shirt and denim jeans for a business causal look that’ll keep you engaged with like minded, stylish people, and at the center of good, well-deserved attention. Get this fashionable blazer at BetterBlazers.


BetterBlazers Colorful Geometric Awesome Blazer For Men at BetterBlazers Blazers For Men 

BetterBlazers-Colorful-Geometric-Awesome-Blazer-For-Men-1How You Can Wear This Awesome Style:

Modern blazers for men that are geometric, and colorful aren’t the exact styles that are ignored. These savvy designs are pushed to the forefront by designers for a reason. Fashionable men who are bound for success rave of such styles because they will make his style clout increase ten fold, and perfect his appeal like nothing else, in many different environments by the way. Wear the multi color blazer with a charming watch, black dress pants, and a well tailored white dress shirt to be one captivating gentleman that you may have never imaged you’d be. Get this awesome geometric designer blazer for men at BetterBlazers.


Summing Up

Trendy guys all acknowledge that one certain thing that’ll increase changes of success are the kind of clothes worn. The key with any fashion items in general is to stay neat, presentable, but also include style. After all, the style is what will set you apart form the bunch, and showcase your own persona better than anything else! As technology fuels a certain culture and expectation in business situations, it’s certainly becoming apparent that success demands perfect clothing for men, and staying stylish with designer blazers are just about one of the best ways to start!

Best Casual Blazer Styles For The On-The-Go Man

The on-the-go man is unique. He requires style that’s flexible, and that can really work in many different environments. Staying in a sharp style is key to any office environment’s culture, but whether or not this look will work at a baseball match is up for debate. The guy on-the-go needs style that’s accessible, convenient, and in-style all at the same time; frankly speaking, nothing more, nothing less. Casual blazers have long satisfied this need, allowing men to have an essential item, ready to wear immediately, that’s easy on the eyes, and also makes him approachable.

Here are some of the best casual blazer styles for the on-the-go man:

Amazing Dark Blue Plaid Woolen Mens Blazer via BetterBlazers Fashion Blazer Selection

Amazing Dark Blue Plaid Woolen Mens Blazer at BetterBlazers

Plaid blazers are no doubt one of the most prevalent, and popular blazer styles that guys just love wearing. The pickup is easy to wear, somehow seems to work well with most pants, and footwear, and is usually on the business-causal side. Men who are opting for a look that’s “put together”, and on-the-go, this is your choice.

How To Wear This Style In Casual Environments (sports games, out with friends, casual dinners)

Casual environments call for outfits that suit the crowd, it also means that you’re more likely to socialize, but really can’t rule out the possibility of getting a bit dirty – cocktail party anyone? Tip: Trendy gentlemen who are apt to wearing plaid blazers can sport them with denim jeans, and a moderately dressy-tucked in shirt underneath, to complement the environment and keep a cool, outgoing style.

How to Wear This Style In A Neater, Professional Way

Gentlemen who have a neat, and professional look is very much revered, and can make or break an entire career, in fact. Plaid blazer jackets are fashionable, and suitable for professional environments. The navy blue, plaid blazer is a special one indeed, the hue makes you approachable, and come off as trustworthy. Tip: Wear a plaid blazer with neat black slacks, and a white dress shirt. Finish off this neat look with dark brown or black dress shoes for the dapper look you’ve been waiting for.


Bright Casual Diamond Floral Mens Blazer via BetterBlazers Fashion Blazer Selection

Bright Casual Diamond Floral Mens Blazer via BetterBlazers Fashion Blazer Selection

Diamonds have always been the centers of attraction, and this is the reason that the diamond pattern blazer is eye catching. Modern guys who are style savvy, and have a no nonsense approach towards fashion are opting for vibrant, and creative pickups such as this. Trendy blazers are certainly high up on the modern guy’s shopping list, and this very blazer may be just one of the reasons why.

How To Wear This Style In Casual Environments (sports games, out with friends, casual dinners)

There’s a reason why truly fashionable blazers for men remain in the spotlight, season after season. Their flexibility makes them desirable, and depending on your lifestyle, suitable for regular wearing. Casual environments can be lit up, and sparked with vibrance, because of your cool style with the diamond pattern blazer. Tip: Wear black, or dark blue denim jeans with this style, and plain white t-shirt inside. Pairing this with sneakers or casual footwear will only make you much, more in-style and ready for complements.

How to Wear This Style In A Neater, Professional Way

A truly creative blazer might not be the first thing that you consider for the office. But as fashionistas have proven, time and time again, unique blazer can certainly be worn to the office, or to any professional event, in fact. Tip: The key is to neutralize, and sport the right accessories. This means, diamond pattern blazer + brown briefcase + navy blue or black pants + white dress shirt & tie + loafer shoes. This look is stellar, which means you’ll be looking like nothing other than a stellar gentleman.

Brilliant Business Fine Embroidered Woolen Mens Blazer via BetterBlazers Fashion Blazer Selection

Brilliant Business Fine Embroidered Woolen Mens Blazer at BetterBlazers Fashion Blazer SelectionIn menswear, red remains one of the colors that simply makes your entire outfit pop. The hue is vibrant, and signifies elegance. Gentlemen looking for a style that’s captivating, but also charming can stick to red blazer jackets as a way to one up everyone else in the room, seriously.

How To Wear This Style In Casual Environments (sports games, out with friends, casual dinners)

One of the best things about being fashionable in casual environments, are that there are absolutely no rules. This means that something as bright, and vibrant as a stunning red blazer can work. Tip: Try not to pair this blazer with too many darker color clothes however. Staying moderate with your other apparel is key. Simple – white t-shirt, blue denim jeans.

How to Wear This Style In A Neater, Professional Way

Professions that allow men to wear red blazers, usually are within the fashion industry, however, if you’re upper level management, or even the boss of your department, or company, this blazer might just be the missing piece to your wardrobe. Tip: Be sure to sport this professionally however, perhaps a patterned tie.

Brilliant Cultivating Plaid Cool Mens Blue Blazer via BetterBlazers Fashion Blazer Selection

Brilliant Cultivating Plaid Cool Mens Blue Blazer via BetterBlazers Fashion SelectionAn artsy blazer that may seem like plaid, but designed in a flatteringly cool way might just be the style your wardrobe is yearning for, not to mention it’s navy blue against white design hue – modern, chic, and in style.

How To Wear This Style In Casual Environments (sports games, out with friends, casual dinners)

The great thing about navy blue in any piece of clothing for men, is that it has somewhat of a neater appeal. Fashionable guys who are on the way to a casual event can steal the attention of that event, just by simply showing up. Tip: Wear his modern, artsy blazer paired with black denim jeans and sneakers for a time that you’ll seriously look back at, and really admire.

How to Wear This Style In A Neater, Professional Way

Navy blue and white apparel easily fit into the professional scene. It’s why this creative blazer effortlessly works well in an office environment. Fashionable men who are on-the-go can enter the office in style and with limitless charm. Tip: Sport this navy blue and white blazer with black slacks, and a tie for a modern, and unexpectedly trendy office outfit. Those shiny black loafers you’ve been waiting to wear, those can be added to jazz up the look even more. Dapper you, dapper office.


Exclusive Colorful Floral Gold Velvet Cool Mens Blazer via BetterBlazers Fashion Blazer Selection

Exclusive Colorful Floral Gold Velvet Cool Mens Blazer at BetterBlazers Fashion Selection

Floral blazers with velvet are acceptable in more cases than you’d expect. The key is to get colors that are earthy or neutral. Trendy gentlemen have long known the value in a look that’s easy on the eyes, but still fashionable – The beige velvet floral blazer offers just that.

How To Wear This Style In Casual Environments (sports games, out with friends, casual dinners)

It’s undeniable that floral blazers have a certain charm to them, and the fact that this beige hue is in the mix is awesome, because casual environments call for a style that looks exactly like this. Tip: Sport this beige floral, velvet blazer with blue denim jeans, and a grey, navy, blue or white t-shirt, or polo shirt for the ultimate casual look.

How to Wear This Style In A Neater, Professional Way

A neat, professional look has always been admired. Floral blazers, especially if the material is velvet, will always work professionally. White dress shirts look excellent with velvet blazers. The addition of dark brown, or black pants are even more of a reason why this floral blazer is s great choice for professional environments.

Summing up the Casual/ Professional Blazer Tips

The on-the-go gent needs styles that are flexible. By pairing blazers with the right shirt, pants, and footwear, there are way more styles that you can pull off; Much more than you’d imagine, actually. Pairing your blazers with neat slacks, footwear, and a tie are simple, and always works in professional environments. As a rule of thumb, for casual environments, add denim jeans to your look for an accepting look.

BetterBlazers has fashionable blazers for men who are on-the-go.

10 Cool Fashion Blazers Modern Men Are Raving About!

It might seem as if traditional fashion habits are fading away, at least for mens fashion in the 21st century. From vivid prints of floral patterns to interesting gradients, fashion trendsetters have no doubt about the creative aspect of their style. Expressing yourself with cool blazer styles are a popular thing among true fashionsto gentlemen, and for a very good reason. The charm, creativity, and level of sophistication that blazers can offer are second to no other mens fashion item! The key to getting a cool look with fashion blazers are knowing exactly how to balance so-called traditionalism with a bit of a modern twist. Style for the cool gentleman has always been something that amazingly has the ability to enhance and add feature, and quality to his lifestyle, as well as everyone in his surroundings. Cool men are raving about fashion blazers that have a certain staunch to their flow, and creativity to their look, because they simply add the individualism nature of modern style to his look, and at the same time provide room for movement across different kinds of social events, from professional to the more casual, because of their flexibility. With all these added benefits, no wonder modern men are raving about cool fashion blazers!

Here are 10 cool styles these fashion maverick gents are raving about:

Exclusive Floral Printing Corduroy Blue Mens Blazer

Exclusive Floral Printing Corduroy Blue Mens Blazer At BetterBlazers.ComAmazing Casual Dark Coffee Cool Mens Blazer

Amazing Casual Dark Coffee Cool Mens Blazer At BetterBlazers.ComBrilliant Butterfly Printing Cool Mens Blazer

Brilliant Butterfly Printing Cool Mens Blazer At BetterBlazers.Com

Amazing Genanx Blue Floral Ink Printing Mens Blazer

Amazing Genanx Blue Floral Ink Printing Mens Blazer At BetterBlazers.Com

Awesome Casual Printing Dovetail Cool Mens Red Blazer

Awesome Casual Printing Dovetail Cool Mens Red Blazer At BetterBlazers.ComBright Casual Diamond Floral Mens Blazer

Bright Casual Diamond Floral Mens Blazer At BetterBlazers.ComExclusive Casual Blue Stitching Printed Cool Mens Blazer

Exclusive Casual Blue Stitching Printed Cool Mens Blazer At BetterBlazers.Com

Elegant Casual Striped Corduroy Cotton Mens Blazer

Elegant Casual Striped Corduroy Cotton Mens Blazer At BetterBlazers.ComAmazing Casual Tide Printing Mens Blazer

Amazing Casual Tide Printing Mens Blazer At BetterBlazers.Com

Brilliant Cultivating Plaid Cool Mens Blue Blazer

Brilliant Cultivating Plaid Cool Mens Blue Blazer At BetterBlazers.Com

Best Ways To Wear Fashion Blazers!

Fashion blazers with flair offer an exciting approach to modern style for men. It’s essential that you sport these gems with the correct attire to get the most that the stylish look has to offer! This means the right pants, including fit, and shirt, and even footwear.

Your Choice Of Pants

Your choice of pants are undeniably important, and can make or break your entire outfit. It doesn’t quite matter how sharp your suit jacket might be, if the pants are not up to par, then you might run the risk of ruining that particular outfit. Staying in the know of the latest mens fashion trends of pants being worn with blazers is a smart thing to do, in fact.

Slim fit pants

Slim fit pants are truly some of the most controversial items that has ever been acknowledged in mens fashion! The look might be a bit too casual for some, but perfection for others. The truth is , however, that blazers themselves are always the best for you when the fit is not too loose, but not necessarily so tight until the point of uncomfortability. Sport slim fit pants that fall just below the ankles, and of course, are comfortable to walk in. The rule of thumb here is to always have an emphasis on quality.

Denim jeans

Denim is one of the materials that are causal all the way, but somehow seem to work beautifully with the right blazer. Whether blue, navy blue ,or black, denim jeans can be the missing piece to your style puzzle. Sport denim jeans whether slim fit, stonewashed, or even regular, plain fit, with a vibrant fashion blazer. The rule of thumb is to stick with denim jeans that give off more of a neutral look; this way it doesn’t take away from the blazer. However, if the blazer jacket is a black or navy blue (ie. a darker hue), stonewashed blue jeans can look really awesome with it.

Shirt Selection

Fashion critics have always placed a high emphasis on the shirts that gentlemen wear with blazers. The truth is, that the kind of shirt that you wear with your blazer can be the determining factor of whether of not your look is sharp enough for a evening dinner, or just good enough for a stroll in the local mall. Selecting the right shirt to pair with your blazer is key to staying in style.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are a man’ s #1 pick for flexibility in shirts, that can pretty much be worn to many places. Fashionable genetlemen have taken a liking to dress shirts of all different colors, and patterns; Plaid, of course is the most notable among them. The importance of dress shirts make them highly revered for modern men. Sporting your favorite dress shirt inside just any blazer will not due. The key is to know when and where not to wear patterned dress shirts with your blazer. For example, if your blazer is solid color, sporting a patterned dress shirt is your best bet. However, if you have a vibrant patterned blazer, toning it down with a solid color dress shirt is essential.


T-shirts are truly a guy’s favorite, quick apparel to throw on. They are easy, and can complement many different looks, if paired wisely that is. Sport your favorite t-shirt inside your fashion blazer for a fun, and outgoing look. In some cases, a designer t-shirt, that has the right fit, and color can work with a blazer and somehow give off a professional appeal.

You Choice Of Footwear.

One of the great things about modern style for men, is that knowing which footwear to wear with certain outfits has brought a lot more attention to the dynamic look! There are some shoe styles that work perfectly well with both denim jeans, and dress pants, however  some shoes just will not work  with blazers. On another note, however, creativity has it’s ways of making things work, this is why we should not be so quick to rule out even sandals as a companion for modern fashion blazers!

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes from brogue to the cool moccasin loafer, have been touted as the effortless way to get the cool and fashionably charming look. Men can instantly become revered as style icons with patterned moccasins that have an intriguing pattern. Think a cool suede, black moccasin, featuring corduroy, along with a vibrant fashion blazer. Need we say more? Dress shoes continue to offer a great way for men to stay stylish, effortlessly with fashion blazers.


picture taken from
picture taken from

Just because dress shoes have become the go to footwear for blazer-sporting gentlemen, sneakers defiantly shouldn’t be ruled out. Smart fashion designers have created cool ways to blend the sporty aspect of sneakers into one that’s really acceptable on a professional level of some sorts! For example, Y-3 has perfected the sneaker that can be worn with fashion blazers. Choosing your sneakers wisely is key to making them look great with your fashion blazers. As a rule of thumb, sport black sneakers that appear a little less sporty than usual, but definitely offer the comfort of a sport sneaker. Fashion blazers can really work with sneaker, however picking your sneaker choices carefully is key.

In Conclusion

The great thing about fashion blazers for men, are that they are flexible, and can work in so many environments, not only in the office. Choosing your other apparel wisely such as shirt, pants, and footwear are really important to making fashion blazers work in your favor! Sticking with your own style is always best, but what if you could have the best of both worlds – your own style, and one that truly looks amazing!? offers mens fashion blazers and other stylish essentials. Browse the BetterBlazers Fashion Blazers selection for intricate styles that will really keep you in style and more dapper than ever!

Wearing Blazers With OTHER Jackets? Layering 101 For Men

It goes without saying that layering is one of the smartest ways to stay warm, comfy, and in style during the colder months. Sporting a few t-shirts, with an at least 2-3 more jackets over that, with a trendy scarf as the icing on the cake, makes layering an effortless way to get dressed. By no means are puffer jackets out of style. But with the popularity of modern style and all it’s creativity it has, fashionable men have come up with creative ways to stay in style, cleverly allowing them to maintain a few different outerwear looks.  Having just 1 jacket for the winter is really a thing of the past. With smart layering, especially when blazer jackets are involved, a simple thin one piece item can turn into a convenient, and fashionable outfit.

Layering With Blazers

Layering with fashion blazers are one thing that’s popular among winter fashion enthusiasts – and for a very good reason. Styles that are layers are truly what makes fashion flexible, and easy. Men who are not sure how to sport a blazer during the colder months, especially if it isn’t wool or cashmere, can stick to layering thought he user of outerwear, sweaters, cardigans, and yes, EVEN OTHER BLAZERS!

Floral Blazer Layering

Layers with floral blazers are a smart thing to do, Especially if you’re going the route of the bright floral blazers. Toning down such a look with the right solid color essentials such as scarves, sweaters, and neutral colors sweaters will do nothing short of wonders for your look. Floral blazers certainly offer the zest and appeal of and artist. The last thing you’d want to do is keep that cool jacket to collect dust in the attic. Layer wisely placing an emphasis on a great selection of solid color or neutral scarf.

Plaid Blazer Layering

Plaid blazers are usually no more than 2-3 colors, can can certainly give you some breathing room to introduce more patterns and styles into your look. A burgundy/navy blue plaid blazer for instance – In this case, adding a white/black herringbone scarf, coupled up with forest green crew neck cashmere sweater, will make you more dapper than you might image. The truth is, simplicity here wins. Layering, but certainly not overdoing the look is key.

Costume National Scarf
Costume National Scarf
Green Cashmere Sweater For Men
Green Cashmere Sweater For Men

Solid Color Blazer Layering

As a staple in just about any guy’s wardrobe – solid color blazers are usually first choice. They are flexible, usually have a perfect fit, and easy to maintain – what’s not to admire about that. Layering with solid color blazers allows you to be more creative, brave, and simple put, loud with the other garments and patterns. If you have a solid color blazer lying around, definitely don’t be afraid to grab your plaid dress shirt, wool cardigan, jeans jacket, and striped scarf and add it into one ensemble. This is a prime example of layering at it’s finest and is sure to keep you not just warm, but truly in style.

In Conclusion

Floral, plaid, and solid colors are some of the most highly sought after styles of blazers. Layering effectively, but freely is important, if you plan on owning a stylish winter look. Sticking with blazer sporting 101 is sure to keep any gent ahead of the trends, that can change very quickly, especially during fall and winter seasons. See the blazer selection for men at BetterBlazers.

Wearing Creative Blazers: BetterBlazers For A Better Style

Looking better has always been a priority, especially for the world’s most successful achievers. One thing that is always understood is the priority placed on presence, feel, and attitude. An easy way to stay up to par in highly competitive times is to dress for success. To be straight forward – we’ll highlight two key words here – CREATIVE BLAZERS. Men who are of the 21st century are said to take on a lifestyle like none in history. Technology, fashion, and global travel are all making the landscape for fashionable men more standard, and well, not as fascinating. In order to truly stand out, and leave a good impression that’s often much needed, you surely need to zero in on your apparel. Starting with a creative blazer is the best way to set the tone for success in a new career or even mere socializing.

Waking into department stores, or even shopping online for clothing can be overwhelming. It really seems as if fashion designers are churning out the next best styles every month. Gentlemen who have a passion and natural knack for style have no trouble riding the tides of modern style. But for the everyday gentleman on the go, walking the so called fine line of luxury and business-casual style can  really mean hours upon hours of magazine and window shopping. Sticking to the time tested designs such as fur blazers, plaid blazers, and floral blazers is a quick and easy way to be sure that you’re on the right path while shopping. Here are some useful tips that you can use while selecting these kinds of blazers, that will make your lifestyle of wearing fashionable clothes much more assuring and comfortable.

Blazers With Fur

Now to be honest, clothing with fur have always been a little controversial, especially when it comes to dressing men – not to mention the ethical part of the whole scenario, hence the use of faux (pu) fur in fashion. Creative blazers are a smart choice because the designs are unique, modern, and add zest and vibrancy to your look! - mens fur blazer

Plaid Blazers

If there were one kind of blazer that looked awesome in both professional AND casual environments, that prize would easily go to plaid blazers. The traditional grid pattern has undeniably remained a men’s favorite for decades. With a sleek fit, and the right colors that match your accessories, it is very unlikely that a plaid blazer will not work for you. - Mens Plaid Blazers

Floral Blazers

One of the main kinds of creative blazers that time and time again, seem to keep appearing on the major fashion runways around the world, are indeed floral blazers. For men, floral blazers are carefully designed, of course to not over feminize the look. The colors and patterns of the floral motifs are designed in a way that men can confidently wear the blazer! The best way to sport a floral blazer is to wear it with a t-shirt or sweater inside for casual or business casual environments. Or simply a dress shirt for the more professional events. - Mens Floral blazer

Creative blazers for a higher quality experience. Just about every fashionista knows the true value in floral, plaid, and fur clothing. The key is to wear the item that best suits the environment you’re in. Men can stay trendy and modern, more effortlessly than ever before… thanks to creative fashion blazers that is!

BetterBlazers has a modern selection of mens fashion blazers that will keep you more dapper than ever!